Mercedes 10 Seater

In the dictionary hallmark is defined as"the mark of quality” and that’s precisely the standard of service beingbrought to a burgeoning passenger transport niche by Auckland’s HallmarkChauffeur Drive. And Mercedes-Benz Sprinter minibuses, Viano people movers andS-Class passenger cars underpin the company’s image and presentation at thevery top end of the tourism and corporate travel market.

"There’s been a paradigm shift in thetourism market – it’s no longer all cheap, cheap, cheap,” says HallmarkOperations Manager Mike Graves. "Now there’s also a top end where people expectthe best and are prepared to pay for it.”

Hallmark customers include internationalbusiness executives, heads of state and even a royal family.


  • 10 Person Capacity without Luggage
  • 10 Person Capacity with Luggage

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