Mercedes E Estate

Having set standards in service and reliability as New Zealand’s leading Chauffeur / Transport provider, our goal is to constantly maintain the desire to bring higher standards and products to our customers and their customers.

This benchmark will redefine Chauffeur products in New Zealand, by encompassing both high quality branded vehicles with the functionality of diverse utilization of fleet capacities. Too often limited by choice in the market

EU4 emission standards, reduces our carbon footprint, whilst not compromising with quality and standard.
For many Travel agencies, Tour Operators, this bridges the gap in the 2 to 3 person market, by maintaining both luggage capacity and great image and standard.

Corporate customers, have the flexibility of a dynamic vehicle with Sedan features and quality


  • 3 Person Capacity without Luggage
  • 3 Person Capacity with Luggage
  • 1 hard case and 1 soft bag per person

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