Luggage Transfers

Hallmark understands that sometimes, luggage with guests or even bulk luggage movements can often need specialist handling.

Our service includes

  • Luggage trucks from 2,500 kg to 10,000 kg
  • Luggage Vans for smaller movements of upto 10-20 passengers


Types of Luggage Services

  • Drops Instead of going to a hotel, guests depart to first location and luggage is dropped to hotels
  • Pick/Drops Guests can have luggage meet them at their final destination instead of carrying with them
  • Storage Guests luggage can be stored until they require later (hours, days, weeks)
  • Separate Some guests do not want to travel with their baggage
  • Intercity Guests flying in helicopters often require their luggage sent to another city
  • Security Guests may want a security guard to remain with their baggage throughout.

We treat our guests belongings as our own, and appreciate that often guests requests can be complicated or requiring special handling. Hallmark baggage services are designed to work with many different requirements.